Our Approach: Improve

We support the creation, implementation and measurement of improvement plans by both the polluters and the guardians of our precious environment. We are keen to see improvement plans not only from our local sewage company, but also what can be done to mitigate pollution from, for example, road run-off by Highways England, chemical run-off from agriculture, water users and the public at large.

Aside from the actions needed by businesses to reduce pollution incidents and impacts, there are steps that we can all take as members of the public and recreational users of our harbours. Here are a few initial suggestions:

Final Straw Foundation

There is a range of posters on the FSF website that you can download here – reminders about what NOT to flush down the loo to avoid blockages and plastics ending up in our local waters.

The Green Blue

There are some excellent guides on the Green Blue website for sailors and water-users about how to minimise our environmental impact on our harbours and wider seas.

Chichester Harbour Conservancy

The CHC has a range of useful guides on how to minimise disturbance to wildlife and other harbour users on their website.

Useful articles

From filters to bags to balls, the number of products aimed at stopping the torrent of microplastic fibres being flushed out of washing machines and into rivers and oceans is increasing rapidly.

Grundig recently became the first appliance manufacturer to integrate a microfibre filter into a washing machine, while a British company has developed a system that does away with disposable fibre-trapping filters. READ MORE…