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We ensure local communities, relevant authorities and government bodies are informed of the facts in order to bring positive change. We share our findings and that of other leaders in the field to highlight the real issues faced in our local harbours.

Professor Alex Ford

Life Solved Live Event Series – Sex Changing Sea Life

A fantastic talk by Professor Alex Ford as part of Portsmouth University’s Life Solved Live Event Series. Professor Ford’s research highlights the impact of sewage and chemical discharges into rivers and along coasts on wildlife. This fascinating presentation shows how the behaviour of sea creatures changes when zombie-like parasites thrive in polluted waters, even causing their hosts to change sex.

Sex Changing Sea Life with Professor Alex Ford | Life Solved Live Event Series from University of Portsmouth on Vimeo.

The Pill to Prozac: An endocrine disruption story from pollution to parasites

Dr Thomas Miller

New studies find river wildlife contain cocaine, pharmaceuticals and pesticides

In 2019, researchers at King’s College London, in collaboration with the University of Suffolk, released a research paper detailing how they found a diverse array of chemicals, including illicit drugs and pesticides in UK river wildlife. To read an excerpt from the paper, follow this link.

To read the full paper, click here.

A new paper released in February 2021, which expands on this research, can be found here.