BBC South News Special Report Highlights Pollution in our Waters

Last week, BBC News South ran a series of features on ‘Polluted Water’, focussing on sewage releases into Langstone Harbour. It is fantastic to get this coverage, great work by the BBC and reporter James Ingham in helping viewers to understand this complex issue. Well done to young Emsworth sailor Ruthie Gawley for a fantastic interview about how sewage pollution in our local harbours affects her use of the water.

The government calls it unacceptable, water companies say it’s concerning – but for now, it continues at alarming rates – untreated sewage being pumped into rivers and the sea. Last year in England, sewage was legally released on 400,000 separate occasions. In 2021, Southern Water’s own figures show 102 continuous days of untreated storm-water effluent discharge into Langstone and Chichester harbours alone. The discharges are permitted to stop sewers overflowing after heavy rain, but campaigners say they happen too often. BBC South Today has been looking at what can be done to reduce the practice. In this series of reports, James Ingham has been to meet people in Hampshire to hear how their lives are affected and what Southern Water plans to do.

BBC South Today – Polluted Water Special – Tuesday Feature
BBC South Today – Polluted Water Special – Wednesday Feature
BBC South Today – Polluted Water Special – Thursday Feature
BBC South Today – Polluted Water Special – Friday Feature
BBC South Today Interview with Environment Minister Rebecca Pow

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